FOR DAYS | Unboxing + Review


In my recent post about decluttering responsibly, I mentioned For Days as a place to where you could send in your old shirts for recycling. In exchange for sending in your old shirts, you would receive $4 credit per shirt to use on the For Days website, which carries basic tees and sweatshirts of various styles. I sent in a box of old shirts a couple of weeks ago and got $40 credit to use at For Days!

The brand runs on a subscription service, where you can choose to get 1, 3, 6, or 10 tees at a time. No matter what plan you choose, you get free shipping and unlimited t-shirt refreshes for $8 per shirt. You can keep your old tee or send it back with a prepaid mailer and have it recycled, no matter the condition. I chose the 1 shirt plan, which costs $38/year and was covered completely by my credit.

The shirt arrived in reasonably sized, sustainable packaging, along with a cute little pouch containing a prepaid mailer, stickers, and a sample packet of laundry detergent from Meliora Cleaning Products. I’m pretty excited to try out this detergent, as it’s cruelty-free and sustainable!

I chose a white, long sleeve, fitted scoopneck tee, as that was something that was missing in my wardrobe. The tee is made of a weightier, ribbed cotton, which feels really high quality, and fits pretty true to size. I’m usually a size S, and I ordered a size S, which fit perfectly. The label on the tee is also ~aesthetic~, which is always a plus for me.

Overall, I really dig this brand!

First and foremost, the recycling program is really incredible. For Days pays the shipping for you to send in old shirts to be recycled, regardless of the brand. I recently reached out to their customer service to get a bit more information on what happens to these old shirts once you send them in. Old For Days shirts are broken down to be used in new For Days shirts, which are a 70/30 blend of new and recycled fibers (all For Days shirts are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton). Shirts from other brands are sent to one of For Days' recycling partners to be broken down and repurposed into new materials. Kelly, the customer service person I spoke with, also linked me a Fast Company feature on For Days and their recycling efforts. I highly recommend you check it out for more information on For Days and textile recycling in general!

I only have one data point, but I feel like For Days items are really well made and worth the money! The price point is reasonable, especially for a smaller company that is also sustainable. And, if you send in some old shirts before paying for a subscription, you won’t even need to pay the full subscription fee! It also seems that there have been some complaints about needing to pay $8 for shirt refreshes on top of the yearly membership fee, but I feel like it's a good thing. At least for me, the additional $8 will make me evaluate whether I really need a new shirt before replacing it. And if you're paying $38/year for the one shirt plan, if you refresh your shirt once, you’d only have paid $46 in that year for two shirts. That’s a pretty good deal! For Days also offers special pricing for second-year memberships. If I decide to renew next year, I’ll let you guys know what the special pricing is.

I just have one minor gripe, but it's really a non-issue compared to all the good things about For Days. I wish there were more options for women's tees! While I don't mind scoop necks, I wish there were more neckline options for the fitted long sleeves, like a crew neck or turtleneck.

Have you recycled with or purchased from For Days before?

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