Mid-Year Reflections

It's crazy that it's already the end of June! I don't know how to feel, but I'm starting to believe that as you get older, each year goes by faster... :( Anyways, as we are at the halfway point of 2018, I thought it'd be a good time to reflect on this year so far and what progress I've made for the goals and intentions I had set at the beginning of the year.

  1. Lead a more active lifestyle. I've been pretty bad about this, but also not really! I only have probably gone on a run once since 2018 started, but I've moved, and now I have to walk at least two miles a day as part of my work commute.

  2. Travel more, whether near or far. This is definitely happening, both intentionally and not. I didn't do much traveling the first half of this year, but I'm traveling to the UK for work next month, going on a glamping trip with my best friends also next month, showing my boyfriend around Taiwan in the fall, and heading to Australia with my family during the winter holidays! I am beyond excited, as I haven't gone on any vacations since the Mediterranean cruise a year and a half ago. Stay tuned in the next few months for some travel blog posts! :)

  3. Try new recipes more often. Now that my boyfriend and I live together, we've been really good about this. Having a few cookbooks on hand helps too.

  4. Read more consistently. I'm getting slightly better at this, but I can still improve. The travel will definitely help, since I always bring a book with me for the flights.

  5. Be more mindful of where and how I spend my money. This has happened pretty drastically just out of necessity. Some roommate/moving out drama on earlier this year on top of the usual moving in costs meant I took a hit financially. While I did quite a bit of retail therapy the last couple of months (haul coming next week, lol), I've definitely gotten better about really thinking about whether I need something before I buy it. Deciding to go cruelty-free has also helped with the mindfulness part - I make sure to do my research on a company, mainly to make sure it's cruelty-free, before purchasing any of its products.

  6. Buy less but more mindfully – invest in better pieces, steer away from fast fashion. Minus a bit of a wardrobe refresh (I've been trying to incorporate more color and prints into my life), I've been really good about this. I've gotten rid of probably 25% of my previous wardrobe, either passing it on to my sister, donating it, or selling it. I don't buy from fast fashion anymore (the temptation is real though, especially with Zara), choosing to buy less but pay slightly more for the good stuff that I know will last.

  7. Work harder on this blog and its content – more content and more variety. I think I've been better about this! I'm really trying my best to post at least once, sometimes twice, a week, and while every once in a while I drop off, I've been pretty consistent the last couple of months. I'm trying to improve on my photography skills to take better pictures of products, and hopefully I'll start posting outfit pics too, once I gather the courage and am able to take decent pics.

  8. Wake up earlier, and make it a habit! I've been on and off about this, though having a dog makes it easier. My boyfriend and I take turns taking our dog, Zelda, out in the morning. Sometimes she decides she'll want to linger outside and sniff away, which means I have to allocate time to allow her to do that. (Shameless plug: if you like dogs, check out Zelda's instagram! Picture of her below.)

  9. Pay it forward more often. I'm not really sure how to measure this, but I do try to be nice, offer to pitch in and help when I see it's needed, etc.

  10. LEARN, whether skills/knowledge needed for my field or otherwise. I think figuring out how to improve on photography skills counts for this? In my field, however, I've been slacking. I need to do better, sigh.

  11. Ask myself more, “Will it matter when I die?” I definitely have been better at this. Just going through the shit show that was my moving out situation really put things in perspective for me. When you witness people at their pettiest and are forced to deal with it, you really come to realize that some things just aren't worth getting upset/stressed/angry over anymore.

  12. Put more effort in my daily appearance, even if it’s just fixing my hair or putting on some mascara… I am happy to say that I am getting better about this! I don't necessarily do it every day, but when I have time, I try to put on a bit of light makeup. I also have been putting more effort into my efforts, at least most days...

  13. Use perfume more regularly. Adding Glossier You to my collection has convinced me into using perfume more often, whether it's that one or another one in my collection.

  14. Become a daily sunscreen user!!! I know, I should be better about this… I probably remember to put on sunscreen 5 out of 7 days in a good week, so I'm getting there!

Overall, I think I've been doing pretty well, but I could be doing more! I guess that's what the next half of the year is for :)

Also, since I mentioned my dog above, I'm going to shameless share a couple of my favorite pictures of her below, hehe.

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