At a Glance | Lively


Recently, I came to the realization that most of my bras were getting misshapen because they were old. I had been eyeing Lively bras for a while because I was really drawn to the brand's marketing and bigger bust friendly sizing, and it was as good a time as ever to try out these Lively bras.

Lively bras are at a flat price of $35 per bra, no matter the style, but you can get two for $55 and three for $75. I decided to pick up 3 to maximize my savings: (1) the Busty Bralette in Jet Black, (2) the Mesh Trim No-Wire in Jet Black, and (3) the T-Shirt Bra in Toasted Almond.

Before I talk about my thoughts on the actual bras, I want to point out that I wear a size 32DD, so it's really difficult for me to find bras on any old website or at any old store. I really appreciate that the site has a specific bra category of "DD/DDD" that doesn't just have one or two styles. There's actually a great selection of styles, and they all look very comfortable and sexy. I love that there's also a selection of bralettes with sizes made just for larger busts.

It seems that all of the bras have a J-hook in the back, which allows you to convert the bra to a racer back bra. The straps are also front-adjusting, so you can adjust the strap length while you wear them. Both of these features make the bras very versatile.


I'm really enjoying all three of the bras that I purchased. The bralette has a lot of coverage and fits wonderfully, and the t-shirt bra is very comfortable. The Mesh Trim No-Wire bra is probably my favorite - it has the support of a typical wire bra but is more comfortable because there is no wire. To me, it's the perfect hybrid of a bra and bralette.

Unfortunately, after wearing the Mesh Trim No-Wire bra for only one day, the bra strap completely snapped off. Thankfully, Lively's customer service team was very understanding and sent me a replacement for free after I sent them pictures of the broken bra strap.

I've been loving these bras so much so that I purchased three more bras as soon as Lively released their strapless bras: (1) the Lace Strapless in Jet Black, (2) the Lace Strapless in Toasted Almond, and (3) the All-Day Deep V No-Wire in Midnight Navy.


The Lace Strapless was love at first sight. It's a beautiful bra, so I really hoped that it would be comfortable and provide ample support, and it did not disappoint. The four hook and eye closures on the back as well as the side boning ensure that the bra band does not slide around without straps, and although the cups are not padded, they have that line of gel/silicone that you usually see on the top of strapless dresses to help hold the cups up. To be honest, that line of gel/silicone didn't do too much to hold up the cups, but the bra fit well enough that it wasn't much of an issue. It was the most fuss-free strapless bra I've ever worn - I didn't feel myself pulling the bra up much, if at all. I'm glad I bought this bra in two colors, because I see myself getting a lot of use from these. No more bra straps showing for sleeveless and/or strapless tops!

The All-Day Deep V No-Wire is great at all, though, to me, it looks and feels the same as the Mesh Trim No-Wire bra. I compared the two, and it seems that the Deep V has slightly less fabric on the cups where they are close to your cleavage - I'll have to try this versus the Mesh Trim on a lower cut shirt to compare, but regardless, I enjoy this bra very much as well.

Lively also sells undies ($10 each or 3 for $25), bodysuits ($45 each, maternity bodysuits included!), swim ($65 for one pieces, $45 for bikini pieces), and its own fragrance ($55). I'll be looking at the swimwear because I'll be going on a couple of vacations later this year, but otherwise, I don't have a need for any of these other categories, so I probably won't be checking those out for a while.

As a final cherry on top, Lively has an amazing point system. For every 100 points, you get a $10 reward. You get a 100 point bonus for making a Lively account, then 1 point per dollar spent, but sometimes there are are double point events. I made my second purchase during such an event, so now I have over 300 points, which is $30 to spend. I'll probably be purchasing a bikini top with that reward.

If you're interested in checking out Lively, sign up here!