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It's been a while since I've done a podcast feature, but I've been listening to New York Times' The Daily almost religiously for at least a month now, so I figured it was time to give my thoughts on it. As the name of the podcast suggests, The Daily is a daily podcast, Monday through Friday, that is around twenty minutes long. Each day's episode focuses on one or two topics that pertain to recent news and events and gives a recap of other news that happened that day. For example, earlier this week and at the end of last week, the podcast had a couple of episodes centered on the events surrounding the U.S. government shutdown. Sometimes, episodes delve into pop culture news as well. With the release of the movie I, Tonya, the infamous figure skater, Tonya Harding, has come back into the spotlight, and this past Tuesday's episode featured her.

It's amazing how the podcast can use just twenty minutes to give a better understanding of a current event. One of my favorite episodes was one from a couple weeks ago, around when North and South Korea decided that they'd march together at the Winter Olympics this year and would have a joint women's ice hockey team. The podcast provided a very in-depth background into the situation, including a pretty detailed account, given the time restraints of the episode, of the events that occurred the last time the Olympics were in South Korea in 1988.

I'd definitely recommend this podcast to everyone. Episodes are brief and independent of each other, making it a low-commitment podcast that still allows listeners to be up to date on current events and offers listeners a better understanding of those events.

The podcast can be found here or wherever you listen to podcasts. I listen to podcasts through the Apple Podcasts app on my phone.

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