Glossier Haul + Shopping Tips


As I said in my previous post, 2017 really was the year of Glossier. There were so many new releases that I almost couldn't keep up! Each release was exciting, but I wanted to hold off on getting anything until I used up some of my existing inventory of beauty products. A couple of months ago, I was finally at a point where I wouldn't feel like I wasn't hoarding if I purchased new things, so I went ahead and hauled a whole bunch of stuff.

The Haul

  1. Balm Dotcom (1 x 0.5 fl oz for $12, or 3 x 0.5 fl oz for $30): When I first started using this product, I thought it was overpriced Vaseline and didn't think I'd ever repurchase it. As this is appearing in this haul, evidently, my thoughts have changed since then. Over multiple uses, this balm has definitely proven to be more moisturizing than Vaseline, and includes nice ingredients like castor seed oil that keep the moisture locked in. It's a multi-purpose balm, but I use it solely on my lips, and I would think that the other balms - Rose, Mint, Cherry, Coconut, and Birthday Cake - would find most use on the lips as well. This time, I purchased the trio - Rose for my sister, Original for my brother, and Mint for myself :) One last note: don't be deceived by what seems like a measly 0.5 fl oz - a little goes a long way, and it took me a good year of using it every night for me to get through one tube.

    1. Body Hero Daily Oil Wash (8.4 fl oz, $18) and Daily Perfecting Cream (8.4 fl oz, $22): I was first drawn to these products because of the amazing campaign Glossier had for their release - women of all colors and sizes, posing naked on billboards everywhere. It was really empowering to see, and the rave reviews only helped with my decision to purchase these. I haven't tried them yet because I still have other body wash and moisturizer I'm using, but I'm can't wait to do so. I purchased these as part of the duo, which, at $35, saves you $5 compared to if you had purchased each separately.

    2. Invisible Shield (1 fl oz, $35): I'm still using a different SPF, but this one is next up for me to try. I've heard so many great reviews, so I can't wait.

    3. Phase 2 Set ($40, saves $12): This is a great option if you're trying out Glossier makeup for the first time. You can customize this set, and you save money. The set comes with (shades are what I chose):

      1. Stretch Concealer in Medium (0.7 oz, $18): As I move towards lighter makeup looks, I figured a lighter coverage concealer such as this would be great to use.

      2. Generation G in Zip (0.07 oz, $18): I will be writing a review on this, but I've already featured this product in my Best of Beauty 2017 post. In short, I love this lipstick. Next time, I plan to pick up another shade with the Generation G + Lip Gloss Duo ($26, saves $6).

      3. Boy Brow in Black (0.11 oz, $16): This is basically a universal favorite, so it was a given that I finally pick it up. I already appreciate that this comes in black, as not every brand's brow products do. I can't wait to use it, but I'm currently trying to finish up the Urban Decay Brow Tamer, which I do not enjoy using at all...

    4. Glossier You (1.7 fl oz, $60): When I made my purchase, Glossier was including a sample size of its newly released fragrance. I fell in love pretty quickly, and purchased a full-size during Glossier's 20% off Black Friday sale. This is the perfect everyday perfume, because it's faint, yet lingers all day. The fragrance was formulated so that you are the first ingredient - hence its name - and I find this to be very accurate.

Honestly, I wanted to purchase every item Glossier had to offer, but I limited myself to these this time. I'm already eyeing the Cloud Paints (0.33 oz for $18, or 2 for $30).


Some Tips + Notes for Shopping on Glossier

  • To get 10% off your first order, shop with my link! (This post is not sponsored, but I do get some store credit for purchases made through my link.)

  • There is free shipping for orders over $30, so wait until you've decided on at least $30 that you want before placing your order!

  • If you're interested in more than one item, always go for the sets. Glossier offers a ton, and you will always save money purchasing those instead of the individual items.

  • As the holidays are coming up, I thought it would be worthwhile to mention that many of Glossier's sets are great gifts or stocking stuffers - sets like the Balm Dotcom Trio or the Cloud Paint Quad ($55, save $17) are great for taking apart to create your own gift sets.

  • Every purchase comes with at least one of the pink bubble-wrap zip bags, which are great for traveling :)

Have you tried Glossier before? What were some of your favorite products?

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