At a Glance | KL Polish

As a long time fan of Kathleenlights on YouTube, I've been watching KL Polish since its initial launch. However, as I don't use nail polish very often and am very picky about the shades I do use, I had been holding off on picking up any of the nail polishes to try. Then came this fall launch, and as KL Polish teased each shade of the fall collection this year, I found myself liking almost every single shade. When the whole collection was revealed, I decided to forget my reservations and get the whole set.


The set contains all 6 shades from the collection and retails for $45. You can also purchase individual polishes for $8.50 a piece, which is pretty reasonable pricing. The shades, from left to right in the picture above, are: (1) Princess Penny, (2) Cozy in There?, (3) Mozart, (4) Prince Cornelious, (5) Wishbone, and (6) Chloe. The only one I am iffy about is Wishbone, because I generally don't like shades that are lighter than my skintone, but the set was such a good value, and I liked every other shade, so I figured it was worth a try.

Before I even bought any polishes, I already liked the brand, and not just because I'm a fan of Kathleenlights, but because the polishes are made in the USA, and are both 5-free and cruelty-free. Also, from what I saw even in the previous collections, the colors were very unique - there was always something slightly different about each shade that made it stand out from other similar ones.

So far, I've only tried Mozart, and I was not disappointed with the formulation nor the color. It's kind of difficult to describe what kind of purple Mozart is. It's almost lavender, but just a tad too deep, almost just a tad bit muted, so it's neither bright nor matte. It's a great fall shade, and also a color I wouldn't have associated with fall in the past. As Kathleen has suggested in her videos, two coats of this polish give the best results. I always end up chipping my nails really easily, so I also always finish my nails with a top coat. The wear time with the top coat was really good, and I got through at least 4 days before encountering any chips.

I've been lazy to paint my nails again, but I think I want to try Chloe next - that muted green is really calling to me!

Have any of you tried KL Polish? What did you think?

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