BYBI Beauty Prime Time Review

As this is a pretty new brand, this post will be a review of the product as well as an overview and first impressions of the brand. BYBI Beauty is a brand from the founders Clean Beauty Co, a "modern, luxury beauty brand built on an ethos of high performance natural ingredients". BYBI Beauty itself is 100% natural skincare as well and is a pretty recent launch, with just five different products available on its site right now. Unfortunately for non-UK residents, the site currently only ships within the UK. When I emailed the company, they directed me to Content Beauty & Wellbeing, an amazing site that sells a variety of different all natural skincare and beauty products and offers free shipping worldwide. This is where I purchased BYBI Beauty's Prime Time (60 ml or 2.03 oz, $31.89), which I decided was the first product I wanted to try from this brand.


Prime Time is a face scrub that includes wonderful things like fruit enzymes, marshmallow root, allantoin (a skin protecting and conditioning agent), and apple and pineapple acids. When you open the package, the pineapple in the product is immediately apparent - the scent of this product is primarily pineapple.

The packaging is pretty cute, colorful but minimal, but quality wise I think it could be a little better. There's a little stopper in addition to the lid, but the stopper isn't sized right, and often times sinks into the product. The product also comes with a little spatula that you can use to dip into the product, but as I keep this in my shower, I usually just dab my fingers in to get any product. I know that isn't the most hygienic, but the little spatula is inconvenient to keep in the shower as well. They did just recently release a squeeze tube packaging, which I think would be much better. If I repurchase this, I will get that packaging instead.

The product itself is awesome. It's a pretty gentle exfoliator, as fruit enzyme scrubs usually are to me, but unlike a lot of other ones, I actually feel like my face gets exfoliated when I use this. And because it's so gentle, I can use it all over my face - I can only use most exfoliators or scrubs on my t-zone because the rest of my face is sensitive, so being able to scrub my whole face for a change is amazing. My face won't ever feel stripped when I use this scrub either, since some of the first few ingredients on the ingredient list are sweet almond oil, shea butter, and a few other oils.

This is probably my favorite face scrub that I've used in a long while. I would only be hesitant to repurchase again because of the price - it's £24.00, which translates to $31.89, and you don't get that much product.

Overall though, I really like this brand - the focus on all natural ingredients in beauty products is something I appreciate very much as I've gotten more interested in all natural beauty, and, especially if you live in the UK, I recommend you go and check out their stuff.

Have you tried this brand before? What other all natural beauty brands have you tried and liked?

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